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In November 2008 I made my first sock monkey (yep, that's him alright)....and as they say...the rest is history...

In February 2009, Sock It To Me! was born and my life used to consist of Teza by day (Good afternoon, you're speaking to Chaos Control & Crayon Girl, how may i help?) and monkey business by night.

It was very exciting but I left my home and reality for a crazy journey of enlightenment around Asia. So, here I am soaking up the sights and sounds of sunny Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and working for CLEO, the coolest mag ever. Thanks again for stopping by, sit back, relax and Happy Reading!

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

I Heart ETSY!

Mmm...when i was naughty a couple of weeks ago i went shopping on Etsy..

Look what arrived today...
EcoCuff - French Religious Charms on Black Tooled and Pierced Leather made by the lovely Greenbelts

This piece is truly one-of-a-kind. It's eco-friendly using recycled materials to make it unique. You won’t find a duplicate anywhere.

The specs are:
Color: Black leather band and silver accents.
Size: 8 3/4” long with two sets of adjustable snaps.

Unique Characteristics: The band of this cuff is 1 3/4” wide and made from a recycled full grain leather belt. The band is tooled and pierced with a lovely flower pattern. A friend of mine found a lot of these vintage metal Christian symbol charms in France and brought them home for me. They are all different with images of Jesus, various Saints, symbols, etc. They are all tied onto the band with doubled thick thread and reinforced on the underside with a circle of leather (so the knots don't irritate your skin.) The charms hang down on your wrist and make a slight chime sound when you're wearing it.


I heart Etsy...

I also heart the lovely Sarah from BobbyRobin who did a superb job on her November arts column on NZ Girl (click here to have a read) where she mentioned Kraftbomb, me and my creatures, the awesome lilysmakebelieve and the wickedly cool Cardboard Box! It was the first time i ever got a mention and it's definately made my year!! Thanks a bunch hunny!

Anyhoo, lovelies...
I'm off to chime around the office now..

Miss Deb


  1. You are so sweet for the shout-out. Thanks so much for your support. I really appreciate it!

    -Shannon (from Greenbelts)


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