My name's Deb, how lovely to meet you! I'm so glad you stopped by...

In November 2008 I made my first sock monkey (yep, that's him alright)....and as they say...the rest is history...

In February 2009, Sock It To Me! was born and my life used to consist of Teza by day (Good afternoon, you're speaking to Chaos Control & Crayon Girl, how may i help?) and monkey business by night.

It was very exciting but I left my home and reality for a crazy journey of enlightenment around Asia. So, here I am soaking up the sights and sounds of sunny Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and working for CLEO, the coolest mag ever. Thanks again for stopping by, sit back, relax and Happy Reading!

xoxo Miss Deb

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I Heart ETSY!

Mmm...when i was naughty a couple of weeks ago i went shopping on Etsy..

Look what arrived today...
EcoCuff - French Religious Charms on Black Tooled and Pierced Leather made by the lovely Greenbelts

This piece is truly one-of-a-kind. It's eco-friendly using recycled materials to make it unique. You won’t find a duplicate anywhere.

The specs are:
Color: Black leather band and silver accents.
Size: 8 3/4” long with two sets of adjustable snaps.

Unique Characteristics: The band of this cuff is 1 3/4” wide and made from a recycled full grain leather belt. The band is tooled and pierced with a lovely flower pattern. A friend of mine found a lot of these vintage metal Christian symbol charms in France and brought them home for me. They are all different with images of Jesus, various Saints, symbols, etc. They are all tied onto the band with doubled thick thread and reinforced on the underside with a circle of leather (so the knots don't irritate your skin.) The charms hang down on your wrist and make a slight chime sound when you're wearing it.


I heart Etsy...

I also heart the lovely Sarah from BobbyRobin who did a superb job on her November arts column on NZ Girl (click here to have a read) where she mentioned Kraftbomb, me and my creatures, the awesome lilysmakebelieve and the wickedly cool Cardboard Box! It was the first time i ever got a mention and it's definately made my year!! Thanks a bunch hunny!

Anyhoo, lovelies...
I'm off to chime around the office now..

Miss Deb

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I've got the day off today yay!

So I'm heading into town with the boychum for a spot of op-shop therapy!!

Also on my list of things to do today:
1. Update my blog
2. Drop of a certain sock monkey to his new home with the lovely Frances
3. Stuff and sew more monkeys before Kraftbomb
4. Finish and print my Novermber Sock it to me! theme flyer
5. Send off a Christmas parcel to my mum and dad in Malaysia
6. Oooh, this ones good...start wrapping Christmas presents! (You see I'm one of those accumulators..I started shopping for Christmas 2008 Boxing Day last year hahah...freakish I know!)

Anyway better run...talk to you later...have a lovely day!
I'll leave you with a random photo of me and the boychum at my Halloween party this year...heheh He came as a pimp while i dressed up as a killer stepford wife complete with bloody tea towel and rolling pin!

Miss Deb

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Inspired by the 60's

Hello you! Aren't you looking sharp today!

Guess what? I finally had a spare afternoon (well i took the afternoon off from my Teza duties hehe) to get a hair cut! Whoopee, i do love visiting the lovely Sanja at Bettjemans in Orakei as she always does a fantabulous job! This place rocks, service is always primo and you can get everything from hair spa treatments to funky cut and colours as well as up-dos for glam occassions. Anyhoo...yesterday, as per usual, Sanja got to do whatever she wanted with my hair. She always tells me that she loves cutting my hair 'cos i let her go crazy with it. She's super duper trendy and so i fully trust her creative judgement :)
Unfortunately i haven't had a chance to take any photos but i ended up with a very chic 60's inspired bob with a bit of a modern twist in the form of a thick jagged cut fringe...it's so Mod dah-ling! Hahaha...I love it! Still having lots of fun trying different clothes on and seeing what sort of make up goes best with it! Tee hee hee

So, it doesn't come as much of a surprise that today's post will attempt to showcase what i think encapsulates what i love most about 60's retro/vintage je nais se quoi...:)

Sigh...now all i want to do is finish work and go op-shopping!
Oooh, speaking of op-shopping...the Swap Away is drawing near, yeeha! I'm excited! Get in quick for the awesome clothes swap on Dec 6th, from 12.15-3.30pm at The Leys Institute Hall, 20 St Marys Rd, Ponsonby, Auckland!

I now leave you with an extremely important piece of advice...

Tee hee hee
Miss Deb

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Remind me to bring joy...

Yes people...that is the Sock It To Me! theme for November's Kraftbomb - "Remind me to bring joy..."



Watch this space...tee hee hee x


Better get back to work..just wanted to share this awesome site i stumbled on today where i grabbed my current desktop wallpaper...see? All credit to the great Decor8 blog for sharing!

How pretty is that! Go to: Kindred - Wallpapered Together.

Be good, puppies...
Miss Deb

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Immersed in Creativity...

Hello lovelies, just had a quick second for a weekend post! :)

I wanted to share something seriously cool with ya!

As you know i work for the most awesome New Zealand all natural iced tea company - Teza...we recently supported an awesome sculpture exhibition that's held bi-annually at the Fort Takapuna Historic Reserve in Devonport (for non-Aucklanders that's on the north shore of Aucks :P). It's called NZ Sculpture OnShore
Yesterday me and the boychum made in through rush hour traffic to have a wander around. Basically they set up sculptures by various New Zealand artists (over 100 of them) all over the reserve for the duration of 2 weeks. It costs $10 for an adult to get in and ALL proceeds go to Women's Refuge.

It was so well organized...there was a fabulous cafe on site that was gorgeously decked out with lanterns hanging from the ceiling. It really looked like someone was hosting a garden wedding reception (of course complete with grassy Teza fridge hehehe). Even the portaloos were classy, complete with handtowels! Hahah...kudos for such attention to details i say!

Alright alright, i'll stop yammering on and show you some of my favourite pieces! I took all them photos so let me know if you wanted high res copies to flaunt about ok? X

Isn't it the most beautiful Auckland summer's day today! Have a good one lovelies!

Miss Deb

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm In!!!

Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god...

I'm WAY too excited to go to sleep...

Guess what??

I got into November's Kraftbomb!!!!!!

(Okay, for those of you that don't know, Kraftbomb is the coolest indie craft sale in the solar system...i got to join in last month's one and it was superb! You have to apply and be selected so i applied and YEEYAH...)

I even had an inspired moment earlier on today before i'd found out as to something cool to make if i did another sale.

Watch this space ok? It's actually not monkey related at all..which is refreshing! Don't worry, once a cheeky monkey, always a cheeky monkey!

Sleep well and sweet dreams lovelies..

Miss Deb

Monday, November 10, 2008


2 days of mayhem in the weekend at the Rose Festival was intense! I'm so glad it's all over now. Don't get me wrong, we had fun but i think i'll flag doing a whole 2 day market next time...i'm all about short and sweet hehehe!!
We did have the most gorgeous day on Saturday though...ended up sprawled on the grass a few feet away from my stall chatting with mates and snoozing in the sun!

I didn't sell heaps of my little ones but we spoke to the other sellers there and they said that people definately weren't in buying mode. Dang recession...=P On a brighter note, i did meet a few lovely ladies who asked if I had any of my work on Etsy. That's a huge compliment as I'm an avid Etsy addict but never thought my stuff was cool enough...so now I'm on a mission to take some photos and slap up some of my bad boys up there! Oh, and I've got to make and pop a few more monkeys on Toggle too! The lovely Toggle ladies Esther & Shellley got a mention in the last issue of (only the best magazine on the planet!) Frankie, so proud of them!! Girl power all the way!X

Anyhoo, i've finally got a chance to have a wee breather before i get started on some new stuff before the Christmas rush! I went sock shopping just the other day and as always i got a funny look from the cashier until i confessed my secret sock monkey obsession...I don't really see socks anymore, but their monkey potential instead! Tee hee hee

I'll leave you with a couple of pics from the weekend and catch up again soon!
xoxo Miss Deb

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Hello lovelies!

Sorry for the silence...as you may have gathered the Parnell Festival of Roses is only days away so once again i'm swept up in absolute monkey mayhem. Maybe i should just have a monkey war theme for my room that way it can always have sock limbs strewn all over the place!

Anyway, i hope alls well with you. I just had a moment to take a deep breath and be mindful of all the things i'm grateful for. I'm grateful for the sun shining through my window, the people around me that i love and adore...and the awesome people who continue to inspire and encourage me and my creations...it feels so personal when someone loves what you have lovingly created. It makes it all so worthwhile...
Here are some photos of my friend Kirsten and her little girl Milla that are definately warm fuzzies worthy! Check out some of Kristen's awesome stuff on toggle too, click here.

Have a superb day today everyone and know that you are awesome!

Lots of hugs and kisses,
Miss Deb
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