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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lest we forget...

I took that just moments ago at the dawn service on the square in Palmerston North. I've always made it a point to go eventhough I don't recall anybody in my family history being in the army. Somehow the idea and reason for it all just resonates with something in me.

I've been doing the rounds lately before I head off to Asia and I'm currently down in Palmy til Sunday...I've been catching up with so many people and not really feeling like I was saying goodbye to them....like I was going to be back fairly soon etc. But this morning..at the dawn service I got emotional. It finally sank in that I was leaving my home.
Maybe because I felt like I could slightly understand what it must've been like and what it must still be like when our troops set off to a foreign land leaving all that they know and knowing that they might not return alive. No, I haven't the faintest clue how hard that must be for them and their families but I do know how hard it's been for me and my life is in no way, shape or form in danger at any point.

I have so much respect for their courage and devotion.
As I watched the army helicopter fly above us at the stroke of 6am, I thought of all the people stuck in war torn countries who hear those sounds and see those choppers all the time. Would they be afraid or comforted? Would they brace themselves for the sound of an explosion to follow?
How lucky are we to not know the answers to those questions.
So this morning, I said a very special thank you to all those who have fallen while protecting their country or been sent to defend people just like us in less fortunate countries... lest we forget the sacrifice they and their families have made.

Miss Deb


  1. how right you are. it's so easy to just think these things don't concern us, because it happened long ago or far away...

  2. Such a lovely post Debs!

    I still can't compehend you are leaving..I am in denial.

    Will miss you!


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