My name's Deb, how lovely to meet you! I'm so glad you stopped by...

In November 2008 I made my first sock monkey (yep, that's him alright)....and as they say...the rest is history...

In February 2009, Sock It To Me! was born and my life used to consist of Teza by day (Good afternoon, you're speaking to Chaos Control & Crayon Girl, how may i help?) and monkey business by night.

It was very exciting but I left my home and reality for a crazy journey of enlightenment around Asia. So, here I am soaking up the sights and sounds of sunny Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and working for CLEO, the coolest mag ever. Thanks again for stopping by, sit back, relax and Happy Reading!

xoxo Miss Deb

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter time update...

Hello gorgeous...
How are you? I'm very well...extra excited 'cos the long Easter weekend is just around the corner! We've got a wee plan to head up to Goat Island on Friday then Matakana Farmer's Markets on Saturday morning and a bunch of op-shops and crafty shops on the way back to Auckland. We were thinking of heading to Waiheke on Sunday but the weather's not looking too good...fingers crossed the metservice get it wrong eh?!

Anyhoo, it seems like it's been super quiet on the blog front with everyone..reckon everyone's just busy. And I do find sometimes I get a little de-motivated when there aren't new posts to read so here's hoping you'll read mine and start blogging hard out! X

So last Kraftbomb was SUPERB! Sold quite a few of my sock babies and launched this one of a kind toe-sock bad boy. I wanted to see how people would react to him and I'm happy to say that they loved him...will aim to make more before the next Kraftbomb!
What do you think?

Also, it was my absolute pleasure to do a wee photoshoot for Dean's sister-in-law and nephews last Saturday and I wanted to share some of my favourite shots!
Candid one of little Callum being an absolute cutie!

And I absolutely loved how these two shots encapsulated the beautiful relationship mothers have with their babies...all together now...awww....

Anyhoo lovelies, gotta gap it...have a great Easter and I hope the Easter bunny brings you truck loads of yummy treats!

Miss Deb


  1. Hi Deb, hope all is well after your very successful Kraftbomb! I see that you have a countdown on your blog so I guess that you still have to leave :( Anyway, hopefully will see you again at the next Kraftbomb (fingers crossed I get a spot, get busy making those little sock monsters! See ya, Jayne.

  2. Hey lovely lady! So nice to hear from you!
    Yeah, meeting went alright with the MP's office but due to the economic climate it's all looking a tad dim. Oh well, just means I get to go round and source lots of cool materials for you awesome crafty people eh?! Yeah, hopefully see you at K-bomb...am still deciding whether or not to join but will definately stop by for a visit! X

  3. Hiya Deb, hope you have a great long weekend too! Hope the weather is nice for your trip.I've applied for this months KB so hope to see you there! Glad last months went well for you. The little sock babies are cute as! x


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