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In November 2008 I made my first sock monkey (yep, that's him alright)....and as they say...the rest is history...

In February 2009, Sock It To Me! was born and my life used to consist of Teza by day (Good afternoon, you're speaking to Chaos Control & Crayon Girl, how may i help?) and monkey business by night.

It was very exciting but I left my home and reality for a crazy journey of enlightenment around Asia. So, here I am soaking up the sights and sounds of sunny Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and working for CLEO, the coolest mag ever. Thanks again for stopping by, sit back, relax and Happy Reading!

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Never again...

Never is a strong word to use, yes, but I owe it to myself to not let this happen again. This is me after my first day at my last job. I started at 9 am and finished at 9 pm that night. I hadn't had dinner so that was me, eating beans on toast while sitting on the floor, I was so hot and sweaty and hungry and grumpy that the cool marble floor was the only thing calming me down, that and my extremely understanding and patient man-friend.

Someone told me today that they thought my writing style was FLUFFY and asked if I knew how to write serious stuff at all. The hilarity, they'd only read my CV and that was meant to be tongue in cheek as its sole purpose was to grab a potential employer's attention enough to score an interview. Funny thing is I'd always believed that flair was something you couldn't teach and having a distinct style of writing (be it fluffy or not) that people easily related too was desirable. Oh that's right I forgot, I'd only change my mind if their opinions counted.

Sirens were going off in my head when they felt the need to TELL me that they were in the servicing industry instead of making me feel serviced. Why do people fail to realize that at the end of the day I am just another consumer, I may not know anybody important now but when I do, do you really think I'll recommend them? On the contrary, I'm probably going to tell them to avoid them and their 'services' like a plague.

So to them I say, "So long suckers...oh and don't look so surprised when I walk away without begging you to hire me."

Miss Deb

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