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Sunday, September 27, 2009

To commute or not to commute...

So we've spent most of the weekend looking for a new place to stay now that our jobs have narrowed down the options.

This morning we saw a place that i fell in love with almost immediately. It was tastefully furnished, within our price range and had a whole extra room and bathroom that we could rent out if we didn't have friends staying. It was so spacious and the kitchen was nice and big with a nice and big fridge to match...and it had a well-powered washing machine...not to mention the gym and swimming pool downstairs and how could I forget the little spare room/study that could easily be converted into a sewing room! The big question now is whether we are willing, whether I am willing to do an hour long commute everyday on the train. An hour long maximum and that includes me walking to one station and then from another station to my work. It really isn't so bad right?!

The other place we looked at was right in town but slightly out of our price range. It also greatly lacked the homely feel of the first place we saw.

Our alternatives are getting a car so we can live anywhere! Haha...the thing is, KL is the kinda city that isn't very big but someone made a bit of a mess with the roads. So even if you're only planning on going a short distance from A to B you'll probably get through the entire alphabet before actually arriving your destination. If we try and stay someplace closer to my work AND close to a train line, we'll probably be looking at only 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom for our price range! It makes sense to live a little further out right?!

Oh I don't know anymore...this being a grown up business and having to make decisions all the time is really quite a drag! Can someone just tell me what I'm meant to be doing so we can all go home?! :)

Now if someone would just let me live here, we wouldn't even be having this conversation.

Miss Deb


  1. Oh, the commuting question is a tough one! I used to commute half an hour each day - it sucked but I was willing to do it to live in a great neighborhood. Hope you get is sussed!

  2. Oh tricky one. We lived in a little 1 bedroom unit for over a year, drove us a bit nutty but we liked being closer to the city. Bit more romantic too? Heh, just kidding:-)

    But yeah, commuting can be tiresome. Home is where the heart is so make sure its a place you enjoy and will be able to be at peace. I know you'll make the right decision lil' lady!

  3. Go the commute! Travel time is great thinking time and if you are using public transport you can read, write and unwind. There is nothing better than living in a place that you love.

    But either way... You'll know what to do ;)

  4. Thank you my lovelies...all very valid and helpful advice!

    We looked at a bunch of other places and found that that first place was where we'd get maximum bang for our buck however we've now started seriously thinking about getting a car. Just about every single person we've spoken to here has said you can't get by without a car. Sigh. All my hopes and dreams of becoming a true public transport hippie was up in smoke in seconds. Hah.

    It's just such a pain that the train line isn't in a very convenient area...and I mean the entire train line not just station stops.

    Oh well..will let you know how I go. X

    Wish all of you were here, we could go for a coffee and hang out like girls do and chat about EVERYTHING!

  5. I say commute. Home has to be the place you want to go back to, no matter how far.
    Hows ur decision making so far hun??

  6. Hey pretty lady!
    Whereabouts is your job gonna be and where is that dream house of yours? I have to agree tho, its almost impossible to get in and out of kl without a car. I caved in after a year and a half :P


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